Friday, November 01, 2013

Mobile learning books and courses for iOS devices

This article originally appeared in the Discovery Education blog "Kathy Schrock's Katch of the Month" in November 2013 and is re-posted here with permission.
Educators are creating great mobile learning content and sharing that content with the rest of us via iTunes U and iBooks. I am going to review some of these useful resources.
To read the iBooks, you need to use an iPad to view most of these. (The new version of the Apple desktop operating system, Mavericks, includes iBooks for the desktop….finally!) For the iTunes U courses, all you need is iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer or the iTunes U app on your iOS device. (Help here:

Mobile Learning Books

The Teacher’s iPadoPedia
Philip Johnston
May 2013
Subtitled “An A-Z of Using iPad in the Classroom”, Johnston includes chapters on archiving, attendance, brainstorming, behavior management, calculating, communicating  co-curricular/coaching, and this is only through the letter “C” in the alphabet! This extremely well-written, 143-page book, is must-read for any teacher with access to the iPad for teaching or learning. The ideas and the overview of the apps to support each one are practical and up-to-date. A great publication!

This gem of a book comes from the UK and showcases lesson ideas using various Apple apps such as iWork and iLife for iOS as well as including many short lesson ideas across the curriculum. The book also includes a section of the authors “favorite” apps in each content area.The book itself takes advantage of many of the features of iBooks by allowing items to be brought to full screen and includes interactive hotspots on various images.

iPad Basics for the Classroom Teacher
John Patten
July 2013
This single chapter publication offers a wonderful introduction to the use of the SAMR model for technology integration. The bulk of the chapter provides a great lesson on how to use the iPad hardware. There is even an assessment included. This would be a good book to reactivate prior knowledge for occasional users as well as a follow-up to a beginner iPad lesson.

iPads in the K-12 Classroom
Jack Riviere
January 2013
This short book includes practical tips for implementation of the iPad in the classroom written in a conversational style, similar to a series of blog posts. Riviere shares his thoughts and tips for protecting the iPads, as well as a small toolbox of software that can go a long way. In addition, he includes some humanities lesson plans at different levels.

iPads in the Classroom
Annalisa Kelly
January 2013
Kelly provides a lot of information in this book. She includes case studies, overviews and links to applicable research in the field, how to critically evaluate apps for both instruction and construction, and a chapter devoted to the iPad as a learning tool for special education students. In addition, Kelly includes ideas for use of the iPad in the classroom, a deployment guide, and well-done overviews of classroom apps including ways they can be used.

Mission “Podsible”: A Teachers Guide to Podcasting
Rachelle Wooden
December 2012
Rachel Wooten has created a wonderful guide for the use of podcasting in the classroom. It includes an extensive overview of what podcasting is, the research as to why it is pedagogically sound, and the the how-tos of hardware and software for creating the podcast.  It also contains full lesson plans, tied to the Common Core. that can be creative starting places as you investigate where and how podcasting fits into the instructional process.

Hunt provides a wealth of information on the use of the iPad for art activities including everything from turning clay apps to stop-motion animation. However, the examples she showcases can be used in any content area as a creative assessment. In addition, the layout and organization of this iBook is stunning and can serve as a model for how an education-related ebook should look and function.

iPad at Work
Apple, Inc.
August 2011
It is important to view books outside of the educational field, too, to see what they can offer for both you, as the teacher, and for your students. As well as the inclusion of useful apps, this book includes case studies from various industries showcasing their use for this tool.

Mobile Learning iTunes U Courses

Integrating the iPad and iTunes U in the Classroom
Chrissy Boydstun
May 2013
This course is a series of tutorials on the best ways to have students use the iPad and iTunes U. Including chapters such as “Getting started with iTunesU”, “Getting going with Google Drive”, “Linking resources to QR codes”, “Using YouTube in the classroom” and many more.  Each unit  includes links to resources, embedded tutorials, and downloadable support videos, too. All of the videos are also collected in a single list so you can see the content that is included in the course.

Using iPads in the Classroom: Time Lapse Video
Richard Needham, National Science Learning Centre
November 2012
This course provides an overview of the set-up and use of the iPad at the college level  and how to enhance learning in the science classroom. He includes information and resources for both stop motion video and time lapse video, as well as an overview of iMovie for the iPad.

Integrating iPads into the Classroom
Chris Colley, Eastern Townships School Board
July 2013
This course takes a pedagogical and practical look at the use of the iPad in the classroom. It includes information and practice activities dealing with various teaching models, like SAMR and MELS Inquiry Process Model, and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. (I even found my own Bloom’s information in this course!) Another unit in the course deals with PBL and student centered instruction.The links to materials and the activities provided would make this a perfect textbook for a professional development series.

Integrating iPads into the Classroom
Dr. Eric Marvin, Union University
Last updated: May 2013
The purpose of this iPad course is twofold. First, it includes training on how to use the device itself, including the hardware, camera, and iTunes. The second part of the course includes the use of iPad apps for supporting teaching and learning including Keynote, group alerting and formative assessment apps, storing files, and much more.

Classroom Management with iPads
Jessica Pack, Palm Springs Unified School District
January 2013
Pack provides techniques for teachers in 2:1 and 1:1 environments, as well as those using iPads in small groups or learning centers. There are management strategies for teaching and for students. The course includes an eBook with apps, implementation ideas, screen captures and more.