Thursday, August 04, 2005


Don't you just love summer vacation when you get a chance to experiment with the new technologies? So far, I have compiled all of the information in my various blogs into this single blog, have completed my second interview via podcast, and today I created my own wiki at

What's the difference between a wiki and a blog you ask? It's simple....this blog allows me to post information and questions, and, if I want to, I can allow you, the reader, to make comments.

A wiki, on the other hand, is "owned" by more than one person, and anyone with the password can edit the information on the wiki. A record is kept of all the changes that are made, so anyone visiting can go back and see the process.

There is a site, (pbWiki), which will allow you to create a wiki of your own. Whoever you share the password with will be able to edit the content. Give it a try...the directions are easy to follow!