Saturday, October 29, 2005

Interactive Whiteboards

With more classrooms getting LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards, I decided to look around and add some links to some successful practices for using them in the classroom.

My district podcast last week was with a teacher who is just beginning to use this type of set-up in her "21st century classroom" and I will be following up with her later in the year to find out what things she has discovered.

Here are some links to interactive whiteboard ideas, lessons, tips, and tricks.

SMART Board Lesson Ideas

SMART Board Resources

SMART Board Ideas

Interactive Web Sites to use with an interactive white board

Art Lesson Plans for an Interactive Whiteboard

Speaking of Electronic Whiteboards

Primary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards

SMART Lesson Ideas

ICT Advice: How to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard Effectively

If you have experience with the SMART or Promethean whiteboards at any level, please share with the rest of us!