Saturday, December 03, 2005

Critical Evaluation and the Wizard of Oz

We have a keen interest in tornadoes here in the Schrock household. (My son is even going storm chasing as his high school graduation present in June of 2006!) I found an interesting page put together by one of the pre-eminent storm chasers and retired severe storms researcher with the NSSL, Chuck Doswell, that I could add to my list of bogus sites to use with students.

Case Analysis of a Historic Killer Tornado Event

I have many more links to sites to use when teaching students critical evaluation skills that may be found on this page. If anyone has any others that they use with students, and that are appropriate for grade seven and up, please let me know!

Here is an interesting article by Tim Marshall talking about the creation of the tornado in the movie version of the Wizard of Oz. Here is a link to the book he obtained his information from.