Thursday, January 12, 2006

Torino Winter Olympics:
Lessons and Resources

Here are some useful links to Olympics Web pages covering the Torino Games, the history of the Olympic events, lessons across the curriculum, and worksheets to use with students.

Torino 2006

International Olympic Committee Web Site
…the official site of the 2006 Olympics

Official Visitor Site of the Torino Olympics
…information about tickets, venues, and facts about the Torino Olympics

Kids Village: Torino 2006
(click on the button to get the site in English, French, or Italian) interactive site for younger students to learn more about the Olympic games

FactMonster: Winter Olympics
...all kinds of interesting Olympic information may be found here

Time for Kids: Getting Ready for the Winter Olympics
...easy-to-read information and news about the upcoming Torino games


History of the Olympics
...a beautifully-done site covering the history of the Olympics through the 2000 Summer Games

International Olympic Committee: History of the Olympics
...this official site provides information, facts, and figures from the modern games as well as information about the scheduled future games

Olympics Timeline from Infoplease overview of both the ancient and modern games (lots of ads here which are distracting)

Factmonster: Winter Olympics Through the Years
...a well-done timeline of Winter Games information

Lesson Plans

Olympic Curriculum Guide
...super lesson plans, across the curriculum, to easily infuse Olympic study into the curriculum

An Educator’s Guide to the Olympics
...created for the 2002 Winter Games, there are all types of great lessons, ideas, and activities on this page

Olympic Winter Sports Lessons
...although some of the lesson ideas are specific to Utah, the information can easily be adapted for use with the Torino Olympics celebration

Olympic Classroom Lesson Plans
...lessons on integrating the Olympics across the curriculum, foreign currency, and many more are found in this collection

Catch Winter Olympics Fever
...a simple online collaborative project spearheaded by a first grade class

Trumbull County Educational Service Center:
Olympics Theme Page

...a super collection of Olympic sites with history, lesson plans, and much more!


Olympic Unscramble
Olympics Vocabulary List
Olympics Math Problems (primary grades)
Winter Olympics-Themed Math Pages
Alphabetical Order: The Summer Olympics
Word Search: Winter Olympics

(Thanks to Cheryl Carruthers from AEA 267, Cedar Lake, IA, for sharing some of her links with me!)