Thursday, July 06, 2006

NECC06 Report Day 1

My first day of the official NECC Conference in San Diego started out with a SIGTC breakfast with a panel of experts in Web 2.0 (including wikis, blogs, and online apps) talking about the future of these tools to support teaching and learning. David Warlick, Tony Vincent, and Will Richardson were three of the panelists and the conversation was rich and raised some interesting questions.

The opening keynote, DeWitt Jones, was inspiring with his wonderful photographs and lofty messages.

I got to practice my closing keynote presentation in the huge ballroom with only the tech support crew for an audience. Daunting, to say the least! Today I give my Spotlight Session presentation which now seems so easy!

The exhibit hall is huge, open, and full of great vendors, the educators attending are very gracious when I meet them and talk, and there are friends all around! Last evening, I attended the MassCUE/NHSTE/CECA joint reception, the MICCA Reception, gabbed with the friendly group from Alabama, and attended a very nicely presented Apple Reception. They had a vendor software showcase as well as good food, and it was nice to be invited to attend.

I am trying an experiment below. Blogger does not allow a user to "tag" their posts with keywords. These tags are searchable by the blog search engines to allow users to see related posts from many users all in one place. For this conference, the tag we are all using is necc06. Hopefully, this post will be added to the list, and you should be able to click on the tag below and read everyone else's NECC06 experiences!

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--Kathy Schrock

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