Monday, July 31, 2006

Online Video Sites

Okay, it's summer vacation and I decided to take time to check out some of the interesting videos that have been "talked" about on the blogs and are available on the online video site of Google Video.

Sure there are many, many videos on those sites that I don't want to watch. However, some of these videos are just amazing things to show students who are interested in making videos that include many different video-taking and video-making techniques.

(For Google Video, you have to download the player to your computer (either platform) from this page to watch the videos in a normal-size window with good resolution, rather than the fuzzy resolution of the site.

Some interesting ones:

Amazing Stop Motion Video

Invisible Board

Amazing Rollerblade Rail Grind

Hall Pass (my favorite student-produced video of all time!)

And even all types of technology tutorials for teachers and students found in this search of Google Video!

Kathy Schrock

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