Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have been tagged by Cheryl Lykowski as part of the "tell 5 things that others don't know about you" game that the edubloggers are playing. Of course, having been on the Web and the conference circuit for so long, there is practically nothing that everyone does not already know about me, since I use my personal life things all of the time in my presentations! It is well-known that I ride a motorcycle, live in a geodesic dome, that my hero was (and is) Dave DeBusschere, I watch Days of Our Lives every day, and I was my high school mascot. Digging into the past, here are 5 that perhaps I have not shared publicly!

1. I won local and regional spelling bees and went to the NJ State Spelling Bee when I was in 8th grade. I studied words that I could not pronounce (but could spell!) We got lost on the way to the spelling bee and I got there late, ran on the stage, and immediately was called to spell my word which was "superintendent." I was so rattled, I spelled it still bothers me each time I have to write or type it even now!

2. I used to ride my motorcycle on back roads, well before I was old enough to have a license. I wired the horn button to be a "kill switch" in case we came across any authorities so I could shut off the engine quickly!

3. On the same subject, I spent most of high school (when not cheerleading or being an Eagle) in the garage re-building two motorcycles from the cardboard boxes I bought them in!

4. I was never absent a single day of high school. A couple of my friends even came to school on Senior Skip Day to keep me company!

5. I once got into real trouble for trespassing...the rest of this story will be shared over good food and in a relaxed atmosphere with you in person!

Okay, many of my close blogger friends have been tagged, but there are a few great ones who have (I hope!) not yet been invited! OK, consider yourself tagged!

Here are their names and blinks...

Tony Vincent
Jim Wenzloff
Steve Dembo
Doug Johnson