Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Windows Desktop Search (WDS)

Okay, you know that I run an Intel iMac with Bootcamp and Windows XP Pro, and use the Windows side most of the time. One of the neat features I like on the Mac side of the machine is Spotlight's ability to easily search all the documents on the machine. (And I know that Microsoft Vista has this built-in, too, but I am not ready to move to Vista just yet.)

Well, the Windows Desktop Search has been released, and it works on the Windows side of my machine just like Spotlight does on the Mac side. It has been available for a few months now, but I just discovered it!

There are some hardware and software requirements that must be in place to use it, but, if your machine meets them, give it a try!

It takes a bit of time and processing power to index all the files on your machine, so don't be alarmed if things are a bit slower than usual after the intial install as the software indexes (in my case, My Docs and my Outlook e-mail folders.) When you do a search, one of the options is to have the list of hits show up in the left-hand column and the preview of each hit in the right-hand column of the results window.

Even though I am the terminally left-brained learner and file everything away carefully in its own "safe" place, there are still times when I can't find the specific e-mail or document version I am seeking. Windows Desktop Search definitely fits the bill for my purposes and I suggest you give it a try! (BTW, I am running Office 2007 Pro Plus and it seems to work with it like a charm!)

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