Friday, May 25, 2007

Kathy Dryburgh's Guide to SL for Educators

Sites presented at the
Second Life Best Practices
in Education Conference
on May 25, 2007.

Flickr slide show of slides in the presentation.

Flickr "photos" during the presentation.

Second Life Cable Network archive of presentation.

Sites to Support Teaching and Learning


Genome Island

Solar Eclipse Planetarium

Second Life Library

Second Life Medical Library

International Spaceflight Museum

Global Kids

Literature Alive

Commonspace for Progressive Organizations

Sites to Suport Professional Development


Terra Incognita

Elven Institute

NMC Campus

Angel Learning Isle

CATER (member of C.A.V.E.)

Carl F. Spackler Hall (member of C.A.V.E.)

Discovery Educator Network

ISTE Emerging Technologies Task Force (member of C.A.V.E.)

Math Playground

Podcast Central


Meg Writer

Lighthouse Learning Island

Please add any other SLURLs you find interesting and how they can support teaching, learning, or professional development!