Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Second Life Update

Well, Kathy Dryburgh has been busy in Second Life. Kathy's Kaffeeklatsch, the professional development area, is complete and plans are underway for some upcoming sessions.

I have also purchased some plots of land on the island, Montbard, and have put up a vacation home. Decorating and figuring out how to build things has been fun! I am trying to get a geodesic dome put up, since I live in one in real life, but have not quite made that work yet.

Thanks to all the K-12 educators who have joined SL and have said hello. I have created a group just for you! Directions are below for joining the group. There is a cool t-shirt available at the Kaffeeklatsch if you are interested. I am using the group to send out messages of interest to the K-12 crowd about professional development opportunities being held in SL dealing with areas of interest to us.

To join the K-12 Educators group:

Click on the SEARCH button at the bottom of the screen and choose the GROUPS tab. Type “K-12 Educators” in the search box and look down the list until you see that specific title. Click on the group to open the description and choose join by choosing the JOIN button which is found directly under the picture of the school crossing sign. You can then right-click on your avatar, choose groups, choose K-12 Educators, and choose ACTIVATE. That will put the group name over your head.

Try it, and, if you cannot do it, send me your avatar name and I will send you an invite!

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