Friday, June 22, 2007

Lighthouse Learning Island

Well, we did it! Four school districts in Massachusetts (Nauset Public Schools, Barnstable Public Schools, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, and Plymouth Public Schools) have purchased an island in Second Life!

We are calling the island "Lighthouse Learning Island" and it is intended to prvide two things. The first is an engaging venue for traditional professional development and collaboration including staff meetings, presentations on topics of interest to the educators in our district, and training materials. Noticess about workshops and events that are open to the public will sent to the members of the Second Life group "K-12 Educators", so you might want to join that group within SL if you are interested.

Secondly, the environment is intended to ramp up the Second Life skills of the teachers in the four districts in order to move ahead, in year two, with content-specific Teen Grid islands. The plan is to staff the Teen Grid islands with teachers who will use those venues to enhance student content-area instruction.

The island has been approved and should show up in a week or so. I requested a certain area for its location, but I will not know the location until it shows up!

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