Monday, February 23, 2009

Geek Alert: Netbooks & the Airport Extreme

I know that many of us attend and run conferences and professional development sessions, and with more educators getting netbooks, I wanted to share a problem that I experienced, and the solution, in case you are ever encounter it.

I just purchased my fourth netbook, the MSI Wind, with b/g/n network ability and it worked like a dream on the wireless network at home (Apple Airport Express) and out and about at public WiFi hotspots.

However, in my office, with the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, the minute I connected to the wireless, the netbook would lock up my Airport Extreme. I thought I was imagining it the first couple of times and reset the base station and the cable router, only to have it happen each and every time.

I did some Internet research and found the combination of the MSI Wind (and a few models of the Asus eeePC) and the Airport Extreme Base Station can cause a problem. However, I also found the solution below. It is an easy fix on the netbook.

If you are using the standard Windows wireless configuration utility
  1. Right click on the wireless connection in the taskbar and select STATUS
  2. Click on PROPERTIES
  3. You should be on the GENERAL tab
  4. Choose CONFIGURE next to the wireless adapter box
  5. Choose the ADVANCED tab
  6. Scroll down the list and click on POWER SAVING MODE
  7. Change the value to CAM (Constantly Awake Mode)
  8. Click OK
  2. Choose the SYSTEM option
  3. Choose the HARDWARE tab
  4. Choose the DEVICE MANAGER button
  5. Expand the NETWORK ADAPTERS entry on the list
  6. Double-click on your wireless adapter
  7. Choose the ADVANCED tab
  8. Scroll down the list and click on POWER SAVING MODE
  9. Change the value to CAM (Constantly Awake Mode)
  10. Click OK

CAM mode

If you are using the Ralink wireless configuration utility
(I am not, so cannot verify these instructions)
  2. Enable CAM (Constantly Awake Mode)
I only post this for those of you that might run into this either at a conference you are attending or running, or at a WiFi hotspot using the Airport Extreme base station. Hope it helps!