Friday, February 20, 2009

Maiden name in Facebook

A little known fact in Facebook is that you do not have to put your maiden name as part of your full profile name for others to find you by your "former" name.

Instructions to make your maiden name searchable (for those that knew you "when") are as follows, quoted from Facebook's help file:

"There is a section for users to list their maiden name or alternate name. Please note that this name will not show up in your profile, and is only used to find you in search. To submit your alternate name, navigate to the Account Settings page, and click on "change" in the "Name" section. In the "Former Name" box, please be sure to include your full former name. You will now be found in search by your current name (as listed in your profile) and this alternate name."

This would also be useful if you use some variant of your first name (i.e. Elizabeth vs. Beth), too.