Tuesday, April 07, 2009

YouTube is great!

I can (seemingly) find anything I want to on YouTube! I find myself searching YouTube for things that come up in general conversation the same way I do with the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Having "primary source" information when having a discussion about old television shows, segments on Sesame Street that one remembers, or old footage of a favorite rock band is great! (And this is in addition to the huge number of educational videos to be found there, too.)

Here is today's sequence of events that led to YouTube and continued to amaze me as to its breadth....

1. Talking about the NCAA Final Four championship game with two colleagues.

2. Continued the discussion about the women's Final Four game tonight.
(My son is a UConn student and a rabid fan and is in St. Louis for the game.)

3. He had told me, if UConn men had made the Final Four, that Dale, the "blue and white" guy, was going to try to get back and forth between the women's and the men's games.

4. My colleagues and I then moved on to conversations about other famous "painted" people, most notably the Tin Man and Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

5. We discussed how scared we were when Margaret Hamilton would come out as the witch, and one colleague remembered watching an interview with her on Mr. Rogers. She remembered how kind and gentle Ms. Hamilton was during the interview, and how she tried to humanize the witch to make the character less scary for children.

6. One quick search, and I had the clip to show her.

YouTube rocks! (And why is it blocked in so many schools?)