Saturday, January 02, 2010

Project 365

Being a latecomer to the Project365 meme of posting a photo a day, I decided yesterday to try it out this year. I figured I would use Flickr for hosting the photos and automatically send a quick tweet when I post a new one. As I started to do that today, the "email to flickr" with a copy to Twitter soon became a little problematic. I had to remember where to put what, and it just seemed like it was going to be too much work.

So, I decided to use my MobileMe Gallery feature. I have never used this before, and it seems to be easy enough! Steps thus far:

  1. Create a new gallery in MobileMe.
  2. Copy the RSS feed that is generated.
  3. Sign up for an RSS2Twitter account for auto-posting of the new item each day.
  4. Here is a screenshot of the things I typed in to try to get the hashtag for Twitter to show up, too.

We will see how it works out....

Follow up:

Well, it seems to work!