Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone

I am an Adobe Education Leader and use Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro a lot to present, showcase it to other districts and schools, and to attend Adobe meetings.

Today I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile for the iPhone and tried it out. It worked perfectly and is easy-to-use.

I opened a Connect meeting on the laptop, and then joined the meeting as another user via the iPhone. The interface on the iPhone is easy to use since you only have three choices-- watch the presentation, watch the presenter, or chat. The sound on the mobile app was good and only a tiny bit laggy. (I was using it over 3G). The video was tolerable and, since the presentation was clear, it was easy to follow along. The user can watch the presentation in any orientation and can set to view full-screen, too.

I would imagine, on the iPhone, if you were viewing a shared desktop in a Connect meeting, it might be rather tiny. However, I am guessing that there may soon be larger screen mobile devices that can take care of this problem!

Here are some screenshots from the iPhone.

Of course, the power of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro on the desktop is the ability to allow the participants to present, put them in breakout rooms, share their desktops, and much more. This app is just a view-only app (with the ability to chat and join an audio-bridge if there is one set-up) but this app will allow users on-the-move to attend all types of great sessions! The next time I do an open Connect session, I will post the meeting URL to Twitter so some of you can try it out!

Here is a quickstart guide from Adobe with much more information.