Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPad part 3

I have not had time to blog about the iPad because I have been too busy using the iPad! I carry it with me all of the time and, with the 3G, use it everywhere! I have decided on a neoprene CaseLogic netbook case for toting the iPad since it makes it easy tom put in my school tote bag and easily allows access to the 30-pin connector for syncing and other tasks.

I continue to be amazed at the speed of the device. I can easily move back and forth between apps and hardly miss multitasking. The apps that are being updated for the iPad are taking advantage of the increased real estate and are just so pretty (okay, and useful, too)!

I keep a plate stand and BT keyboard at work and use the keyboard dock at home. There is no fear of the battery running out and it gets me through an entire school day. (This bodes well for classroom use!) However, in landscape mode, the built-in keyboard is very usable and I do not use the external keyboards much.

Some of the most impressive apps I have seen for the iPad have been on my storm-chaser son's iPad. He was easily able to track and view the storm activity in Oklahoma this week using some good weather apps on the device and can't wait to use the iPad on his upcoming chase next month. (

With the larger screen, many of the popular apps (like Twitter and Facebook) are easily able to be used on their full Web pages versus via an app or mobile version of the site. This allows access to all functionality of the sites.

I am still loving this PC (Personal Communication) device!