Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love bags and cases and holders...

Okay, I admit it. I love technology bags and holders of every type. I have roller bags, Vera Bradley laptop-holding bags and backpacks, neoprene cases for the Macbook Airs and iPad, and many, many more bags. I mean, it's like have to have ones for the right purpose, right?

In any case, I thought I might share some of my newest bags, sleeves, cases, and holders with you, in case you are thinking about what works and what does not!

Tech Bags and Sleeves

The 11.6" Macbook Air is a hard item to find a special bag for. Here are some of my favorites.
Roocase 11'6" netbook case

Roocase has a bag in their netbook category that is for 11.6" items. It fits the small MBA well and you can even fit the iPad and cables in the bag, too. It comes in various colors, is sturdy, and has rubberized "feet" on the bottom to keep it clean when setting it down. The laptop compartment is padded and has a Velcro closure.  (I also have the larger version for the 13.3" Macbook Air.)

Be.ez LA Robe Allure

My favorite sleeves for my iPad and the 11.6" Macbook Air are made by Be.ez and are hard-sided and sturdy. The model is the LA robe Allure sleeve for iPad and 11.6" MBA. The LA robe Allure is also available for the 13.3" MBA and 13.3" and 15.4" Macbook Pros.

Tocano Finatex Extra Small

When I am really traveling light, and just want my iPad, my 11.6" Macbook Air, and my iPhone, I take a bag that I found in an airport technology shop-- my Tocano Finatex Extra Small. It holds all three items without any cases on them.

Sherpani Flite FL

The rolling bag I take with me most of the time is the Sherpani Flite FL. It is very well-made, has rolled handles to hold as well as a shoulder strap in case you do not want to use the extendable handle, and has a sturdy strap on the back for attaching to other luggage handles. It does not have an attached laptop sleeve area inside, but has a nice elastic strap for holding your laptop in place in its own sleeve. It is well-sized at 16.5" x 13.5" x 6". You often find it for sale on Overstock.

Tech Cases and Holders

I have all different types of cases for my iPad2. Again, it depends on how I am planning to use it as to which one I take with me!

One that I use around town is the YakPak Portfolio Case. (I picked mine up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.) It is a nicely lined case with places for business cards, a small tuck-in area, and can hold the iPad with the Magic Cover on the front or back behind elastic corner straps. It is minimalist, but protects the device well.

IPEVO Typi Folio Case
When I need to have a keyboard with me, I use the IPEVO Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard. What is nice about this well-made leather case, is that the keyboard is easily detached and used on the table. This comes in handy when you are working with someone since they can then see the iPad's screen easily or can share in the typing tasks! The Bluetooth keyboard has a nice touch and lasts through about 12 hours of typing.
IPEVO Typi Wireless Keyboard

The case itself is not bulky, and you can access all the ports on the iPad while the case is on and there is even an opening in the back of the case for the camera lens.

It is available on Amazon or from IPEVO. 

When I am presenting with the iPad, I have three different iPad holders I can use.

Higher Ground Podium iPad 2
The Higher Ground Podium iPad 2, which is a sturdy, reinforced nylon case like all of Higher Ground's products, also includes an innovative strap/Velcro method of adjusting the viewing angle of the iPad2 to your liking. This really helps when presenting on the podium, too. The iPad is held in by the built-in silicone case.

Higher Ground Podium iPad 2
 However, the coolest thing about the Podium iPad 2 is the built-in elastic hand holder on the back. (Not just a simple strap!) You can see from the photo that you slip your hand through the elastic and grip the edge of the case. It makes you feel safe carrying your iPad around the classroom, workshop, or conference area since you have a really good grip on it!


The next item I use when presenting is the IPEVO Perch Desktop Stand. This iPad stand easily rotates from landscape to portrait mode and is a perfect "perch" for the presenter podium when using the iPad to present my talks. The Perch has a weighted base that comes in three lengths-- the small height I use at the podium, a taller one for using while sitting in a chair, and the tallest one that is its own podium! The Perch is available through Amazon or IPEVO.

Merkury Innovations Swing Stand

And, finally, the last iPad stand I use lives in my tech stuff carry bag. It is the Merkury Innovations Swing Stand. It is lightweight, foldable, allows the iPad to be either in landscape and portrait mode, and is easy to use on the tray table in the airplane! It also works with any tablet or eReader, too.

Addendum 1/19/2012: I have been wanting one of the Pan Am retro bags and finally found the Pan Am Secret Agent laptop bag at a "reasonable" price (and with a coupon) on They have just come out with a new version of this bag, which costs about 30% more, and I like the original one better, so I finally made the purchase. Can't wait to use it!

 What is your favorite tech bag, sleeve, case, or holder? Please share in the comments and include a URL so I can look at it! Thanks!