Sunday, February 23, 2014

IPEVO Video Stand

IPEVO Articulating Video Stand
IPEVO has come up with another winning device to help teachers in the classroom-- the IPEVO Articulating Video Stand for iPod and iPod Touch.

This useful product holds your iPhone or iPod Touch in a sturdy metal stand to allow you to use your iDevice in any number of ways.

The unique holder has springs which enable you to spread the holder open to easily insert the device and then gently release the springs.

The holder with the springs

The holder can rotate easily to allow you to have the device in the direction you need it to be.


Using the device as a doc camera
By hooking up the iPhone or iPad Touch to a VGA projector or Apple TV, you can use it as a document camera, as shown. You can see that the articulating arms allow you to put it as close or far away from the item being projected as you need to.

You can also use it for recording a video of a process for students or when editing an essay paper.

Another great use of the IPEVO video stand is to use it to hold the iDevice steady when using animation software and the camera on the device to make an animated movie. When making an animation movie, it is important to be able to have the camera be steady.

Using the front camera on the device

You can also use the front camera on the iPhone or iPod Touch and hold the item steady while having a Facetime or Skype video conference.
The IPEVO Video Stand can articulate in many directions and heights to allow you to project or photograph items from small to large. The weighted base keeps it sturdy at all times!

The IPEVO Articulating Video Stand comes in black or white and sells for $69.