Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Brenthaven Edge Companion for iPad Air

Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee  https://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/6972691660

With the plethora of iPads found on student desks, in classroom carts and in backpacks, it is more important than ever to protect the devices from harm. iPads with attached keyboards have become a popular combinations for students, and I want to introduce you to a cool new case that was created especially for that combo!

The Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air (10.9", 4th generation), has just been released. I own this particular iPad and was happy to receive one to review!

I have been reviewing items from Brenthaven for years. Most recently, in 2019, I penned a blog post titled I Love Brenthaven. I talked about Brenthaven's well-made and thought-out cases and accessories targeted for the education market. And they have been keeping up with all the change in device use in schools! Brenthaven has iPad cases, MacBook cases, Chromebook cases, sleeves and backpacks, headphones, and keyboards. The listing of all their protective gear and bags may be found here.

The Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air (10.9", 4th generation) that I tried out is so easy to put on the iPad. It provides tons of protection and has been made so it works perfectly with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. It also still protects the iPad Air without having the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio attached.

You can see below, when the iPad is installed in the Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air, access to all the ports and buttons on the iPad are accessible and protected.

You first put the iPad in the "frame" of the Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air and then, if you want, you can install the keyboard. 

Take a look at this short video which demonstrates the process.

Here is a photo of my iPad Air (4th gen) installed in the  Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air from the front and from the rear. The addition of the case makes the iPad and keyboard components feel much sturdier.

I took three photos to show how easy it is to add the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio to the Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air.

Turn the iPad over and open the plastic door on the left.

Then fold the folio cover into the back of the 

Simply snap down the plastic door and the keyboard is attached!

The Brenthaven Edge Companion for the iPad Air (10.9", 4th gen) has a ton of features. Here are just a few.

The full spec sheet may be found here.

If you are deploying 10.9" iPad Airs (4th gen) give Brenthaven a call for a sample case to try out. And, if you don't have this specific model of iPad in your district, take a look at their site and this page to see if Brenthaven has a great case or sleeve for your district's devices! And don't forget to follow Brenthaven on Twitter @Brenthaven_Edu!