Monday, April 24, 2023

The X-MAKER 3D Printer: Fostering creativity in the classroom

I had so much fun exploring the features of the AOSEED X-MAKER 3D printer and all the fun assets and support material for students! This easy-to-use 3D printer takes all the guesswork out of the process. It  works perfectly every time. 

The X-MAKER 3D printer makes loading the filament easy, and automatically does the slicing of the object. It builds a raft and supports for the printed objects. The teacher and students don't have to worry about anything except printing cool items from the assets or designing something new to print!

However, this fun little printer is not all this package includes! 

If you are curious about 3D printing and how it can support teaching and learning, AOSEED provides overviews and case studies for various grade levels using 3D printing. Those can be found here.

The X-MAKER printer has apps for iOS 14+, Android 10+, and Windows 7+. The X-MAKER app creates a WLAN connection to the printer. If there is no WLAN network available, the hotspot on the printer can provide Internet access to the App.

The printer is easy to set-up, but the X-MAKER 34-page User Manual is included in the app, too, in case you have any specific questions. (I did not use the User Manual, just the little three-fold set-up guide!)

The image below shows the labeled parts of the printer from the user manual.


There is a huge 3D model library (called Things) with various categories of assets like toys and games, creativity and fun, household, and education. You can see just a few of the "things" students can print.

I printed a business card holder and a soap bubble wand.

The process was easy! First I threaded the filament.

Next, I simply picked the item from the Things library and brought it into the X-MAKER design software to view it from different angles and then just pressed print. 


The second component of the AOSEED X-MAKER ecosystem is the Theme Library. This library includes items that are targeted for gamification and 3D design. Students can customize the gadgets, and using kits of materials, make their gadgets come to life!

I received a packet of material with the printer. You can see what it included below.

Here are the fifteen current assets in the Theme area of the X-MAKER App.

I decided to create a WINDER. I chose to print the snake which would be attached to the walker toy that came with the kit I received. I added a bow to the snake's head for decoration.

Here is a still shot of the finished product.

And a video of my walking snake!

In addition, in the EXPLORE area of the X-MAKER app there are User Guides to support each of the Theme projects, as seen below.


The third component of the X-MAKER 3D printer app is the Design Tools. One tool is a 3D modeling tool for kids and the other tool is a 3D sculpture modeling tool. These tools were not available for my iPad. 

However, the X-MAKER Print software was available for my Windows PC. This software allows the student to upload their own creations to print to the X-MAKER printer.


The X-MAKER 3D Printer and all of these creativity assets would make a great addition to any classroom! The ability for the younger students to easily print out an object to support a classroom activity would give them a sense of great accomplishment. 

Middle school students would love the Themes area and the ability to customize their own "gadgets". 

Middle and high school students would also benefit to having software (Windows only) to be able to import move, scale, and rotate their own objects. In addition, the X-MAKER Print software includes the ability to slice their objects for printing and includes its own User Manual, too!

For more information about the printer or ordering, contact AOSEED at or visit their page at