Friday, August 12, 2005

Handhelds and the new Net technologies

For those of you using handhelds for personal and professional use, as well as using classroom sets of them with your students, here are a couple of Web sites you can access to allow you to use the newer Internet features with via the handheld.

For RSS feeds, you can download specific software for your handheld platform so you can read your favorite blog updates off-line, or you can simply sign up for a free account on Bloglines. They have a mobile version of their RSS feeder which works well on a handheld computer called Bloglines Mobile.

A list of various titles of RSS reader software for the handheld computer may be found on William Hungerford's Palmtops site on, for Palm and PocketPC.

If you are still investigating the use of Wikipedia in the classroom (see an earlier post for more information about that!), there is a handheld computer version that parses well on the small screen called Wapipedia.