Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wi-fi on the road

During NECC 2005, in Philadelphia, I was hanging around the street corner, using my 30 free days of T-mobile wireless access that came with my Palm Lifedrive by surfing the signal from the T-Mobile store on the corner. Boy, did I feel silly, especially when people I knew walked by! Of course, I also picked up a access point called "Starbucks", and, looking across the street, I realized it would be much nicer to go inside, have a latte, and use the T-mobile access from Starbucks!

Are you often looking for places to check your email with your laptop or wirelessly-enabled handheld computer when you are away from home, like I am?

This site, MetroFreeFi, provides lists of free wi-fi hot spots for all regions of the US. Take the time to view your town, and, if you know of any free access site that is (legally) available and not included, add it to the database! (To submit a new hotspot, simply look at the list of "latest hotspots" and the link to submit a site is at the bottom.)

In addition, you can download a database of up to 1000 hotspots to the notes section of your iPod using wiPod.

Gotta love technology!