Monday, October 03, 2005

Podcast Directory K-12

I WAS mulling over the idea of creating a PreK-12 podcast directory which would provide links to the informational pages offered by K-12 schools dealing with their podcasts and how to listen to them, or links to the podcasts themselves. I feel this is going to be an important and well-used technology in the schools. However, after a little research, I see that David Warlick has already created a well-done structure here ( and I encourage you to take a listen and see what schools are doing in this area!

I hope this entices more educators to create podcasts to share with the rest of us in the areas of professional development, curriculum issues, etc. Archived football games and student concerts are enjoyable (and important!) for your school community, but, as educators, we hold many conversations and meetings on topics of interest to all of us. I hope this leads to some of us creating recordings of sessions we give and posting a link to them on David's site, so we can learn from one another. (Perhaps using the word "educasting" might work!) Thoughts?