Monday, May 15, 2006

Educational Technology Blog Listing

I know how to create a blog, obtain an RSS feed, build a blogroll, tag items for Technorati indexing, and aggregate my favorite feeds.

However, when I start trying to explain these processes to fellow educators, I often get that glazed-over look from them that occurs when I get really excited about some technology phenomenon and they haven't a clue as to why they would even want to get more information sent to them and wonder how they would have the time to check an aggregator for new items.

So, in order to get teachers to read, and hopefully contribute, to some of the great dialogue going on in the blogs in the area of educational technology and education in general, I have stepped back one step and started an old-fashioned Web (1.0) page with links to some of the best, informative, controversial, and useful educational technology blogs. If you have any others that you feel I should evaluate for inclusion, send me a note!

Kathy Schrock's Educational Blog Listing

Kathy Schrock