Thursday, November 16, 2006

David Warlick's Keynote

Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century

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Workplace of the Future

Cell phones are changing the culture-- think about all the men grocery shopping.
We have made a decision that we want communications carried with us.
Workplace will no longer have a desk phone
Most of what we publish is not on paper, but digital- get rid of the paper.
Much of our interaction is moving towards video interaction-- get rid of the chair.
We are going to want to carry our information technology with us-- get rid of the traditional workplace computer

"For the first time in history, our job as educators is to prepare our students for a future that we can not clearly describe."

Conclusion: We should stop integrating technology....instead integrate literacy. Teach kids how to teach themselves. Anyone that is literate within their information environment is ready to do anything.

It is important that students understand the place to look for the information based on the strength of the source-- sometimes Wikipedia, sometimes books, etc. (I still do not agree with this.)

Never assume the authority of the information. Teach students to prove the authoruty. (I do agree with this-- use Wikipedia as a source consulted but NOT as a source cited. Andy Carvin has a great lesson on this, which I have in a previous blog entry.)

(David uses the phrase "cool beans" all the time, just like I do...funny!)

For math literacy, use the numbers to tell the story. (Did a data important of earthquake data into a spreadsheet, plotted it, and saw the "story")

Processor information --> employ the information to answer a question. solve a problem, meet a goal (What is interesting now is that almost everything we use is digital and made up of numbers.)

Writing: we are going to be producing multimedia: how do we get our message through the storm of information

Stop integrating technology and instead, redifine literacy, and integrate that!

Kathy Schrock


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