Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MassCUE: David Warlick DEN Talk

Sitting here at MassCUE while David Warlick is presenting, via WebEx, a Discovery Education EdTechConnect Webinar. We are lucky enough to be in the room while he is presenting while the other participants are on the phone.

He is presenting to a group of 7 of us, while the other 100 listen online...this is great and we are very lucky!

"The shape of information has changed. The whole information landscape has changed."

Interesting that he asked both who has READ the World is Flat and who has HEARD the World is flat, to include the audiobook listeners! I love it!

Globalization: A world that is learning to cooperate.

"What do we need to know to faciliate this kind of supply chain?"

Google: position of the information is based on the users. (Popularity with numbers of links to it helps determine page ranking.)

Information has changed in the last ten years: it has become more networked, more digital, and has become more overwhelming. As educators, these three elements are part of what makes up literacy. Expand the skill set.

Network: expose truth
Digital: employ information
Overwhelming: express ideas compellingly

How do I, as a teacher, get my message through this storm of information?

Technorati (blog search engine) allows you to tap into the "conversation" of the world

Blogosphere is doubling in size every six months

The digital conversation with each person talking from their own perspective is IMPORTANT!

We need to teach our kids the best place to look for information...Wikipedia, encyclopedia, etc. (I am not sure that I agree with this part, but I will give it some more thought.)

Teach them how to work the facts...teach them to add value to the to draw conclusions from the facts. (No longer a need to teach kids the fact--- operant word-- teach)

Richard Florida "The rise of the creative class"-- there will be many jobs in the creative arts of music, art, drama, creative arts-- to provide the content that runs on all the new technology

Classrooms have become flat...the conversation continues...

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