Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Share your iPad app list with others

Tom Barrett tweeted a question today asking how to share your entire iPad app collection with someone. After a little research, I came up with a post on this page and followed the directions. Here is the first of the 12-page app list on my iPad.

First page of PDF printout of my iPad apps

Since the directions I found were posted back in 2010 (and I was using a Mac) I went through the steps again. Here are the edited directions for creating a list of the apps on your iOS device to share with others. 

  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. On the file menu, pick VIEW-AS LIST
  3. You can pick a column to sort by for the final list, for instance name, genre, etc.
  4. Select PRINT from the file menu and, in the print dialog box, select "Song Listing" and, in the in the theme drop-down box, select "Custom". 
  5. Click the "Page Setup" button and select landscape mode to avoid word wrapping and click OK.
  6. Click PRINT in the print dialog box which will take you to your regular print menu where you can pick a printer or print/save to PDF to get a PDF file.

Screenshot of the choices in the dialog boxes

Thank you to Tom for posting the question. This is an easy way for us to share our list of apps!

Update 6/14/12: There is an application you can download which will scan your iTunes account, let you un-check any app you do not want to share, and give you a unique URL to share your list of apps with others. More here: