Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Celebrations and events

It always amazes me to me to see the list of celebrations that are available for every day of the year.

For example, on this date, April 1, you can celebrate, learn about, or teach about these events!
National Sourdough Bread Day
Fun at Work Day
Reading is Funny Day
Batman Day
April Fools’ Day
International Tatting Day
Anniversary of the first smelling TV screen
Anniversary of the founding of Apple Computer
Anniversary of the first Canadian lighthouse lighting
And, as you can see from this sample homeschooling page about incorporating a celebration across the curriculum, you can creatively embed any celebration or event and still ensure you are working on those content standards!
In April, you can also celebrate these monthly observances (found on http://www.emotionscards.com/locations.html). Think of the all the curriculum tie-ins across the content areas!
National Poetry Month, Guitar Month, Humor Month, Autism Awareness Month, Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, Autism Awareness Month, Books to Brighten Young Minds Months, Community Spirit Month, Confederate History Month, International Customer Loyalty Month, International Guitar Month, International Legacy Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, Lawn and Garden Month, Mathematics Education Month, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, National Humor Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, National Self-Publishing Month, National Smile Month, National Youth Sports Safety Month, Occupational Therapy Month, Pets Are Wonderful Month, School Library Month, Spring Break Month, Straw Hat Month, World Habitat Awareness Month
There are any number of sites that include this type of information. Make sure to check out the lists before turning students loose on these sites. One never knows what type of “interesting” holiday might be included!
One unique celebration we have in the schools is the “100th day of school”. Although this is not celebrated in April, I wanted to leave you with some resources for this special day/