Thursday, December 29, 2022

Favorite iOS Photo Editing Apps

 I have over 40 photo-editing apps on my iPhone. I wanted to share my top three favorites with you!

PhotosRevive Unlimited ($20)

PhotosRevive Unlimited is an AI photo-colorizing app. It's a universal app, so, when you purchase it, you can use on your iPhone, your Mac, and your iPad! 

PhotosRevive does a great job of easily colorizing black and white photos on the iPhone, as you can see below. 

Original photo

Colorized on iPhone 14 Pro

On the Mac, PhotosRevive also offers options for tweaking the contrast, brightness, highlights, and shadows if you want to.


TouchRetouch ($14.99)

TouchRetouch is an iOS app which allows you to remove unwanted items from a photo. Of course, it includes the ability to remove an object by "painting" over it with a paintbrush tool. 

However, my go-to tool is the "line" tool. I use this one to remove power lines from every photo that has the power lines. You simply pick the width of the line and run your finger over  the photo in the app, and it disappears! 

Photo with power lines

Photo after using the "line" tool on the power lines

TouchRetouch also has a "mesh" tool which highlights and can remove chain link fences that are between you and the object you are trying to photograph. You can see the fencing below that has been chosen to be removed outlined in green.

Mesh tool highlighting the fence wire to be removed

Fence wire is gone!


PhotoFunia (free)

PhotoFunia includes 59 fun ways to use both your own photos and ones the app includes! There are backgrounds for your images, filters, and many other cool effects. This app is advertiser-supported, but the ads don't impede the use of the app. 

Here are just a few samples of the included tools.

What are some of your favorite image-editing apps on your iPhone? Send me an email note ( or let me know on Twitter (@kathyschrock) or Mastodon (